Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm actually here!

Oh Christ, that means I now have to Kick box for a month.

I landed in Bangkok at about 7 pm local time and got a cab to my guesthouse. After about five minutes in the cab it was clear that the driver hadn't a scoobie where the place was. To make matters worse he started asking me for my mobile number. As far as I could make out this was to call the guest house and get directions for him. Bear in mind I had directions in Thai for him. I tried explaining to him the complexities of 3G phone networks and how my sim could receive but not send texts. This seemed to excite him only further. The drive into Bangkok was amazing. The city skyline at night is very cool and the closest thing I've seen to Blade Runner. I believe Kuala Lumpur is quite impressive. I'll keep you posted on which one is superior for dorky film references.

Eventually he got me to my place it took about an hour over all. I had a real feeling of "Holy Shit" when we came off the motorway and into the chaos of the streets. After a small wave of fear passed I was grand and started to take in the sites of motorbikes, mopeds and Tuk Tuks milling about, roadside vendors selling food by the side of the road.

The room was grand, I packed up my gear and went out for a walk around. It was a pretty good feeling after planning this for so long to be finally here so being shot to shit and not having slept for 35 hours I decide just to get a bottle of beer and two tiny sambos for dinner. I handed over the 60 baht to pay for it and two of the 20's we're torn. This was of course change from my cab driver. The dude behind the counter gives me serious daggers and calls his mate over to look at it. I grabbed my change and exit sharpish. They love the King here and his image on the currency demands respect.

I hit the street vendors for breakie this morning and let me tell you chilli chicken with sticky rice is the only way to roll in the am. I got a cab then to the Airport and he got me there in about 30 minutes and it cost me less then half the doss.

Chiang Mai is awesome, really lush and green. I haven't really had a chance to look around. I've just get my gaff set up and joined the kick boxing school. Right, now I'm off to eat something I can't identify and catch up on some kip

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  1. Hi Darragh, Delighted you arrived safely. Your photos are terrific. Take good care of yourself.
    Had very interesting week in HL.