Monday, January 19, 2009

Jungle runs, a massage and the Tuk Tuk rabbit

Howdy Peeps. I had my first run in the jungle last week and judging by the amount of bites I have, I made a substantial contribution to the local food chain. That early in the morning there is always a hazy mist over the lake surface and over the paddy fields. The run lasted about an hour and was mostly uphill, needless to say halfway through, I would of happily smothered a baby Panda to be in bed again. But there was a gem at the end in the form of a beautiful waterfall.

Unfortunately I could not find a baby Panda and had to run the return leg.

I went for my first traditional Thai massage. Most of it was pleasant and relaxing apart from when my masseuse turned me into a human compact bow. I could actually hear the hiss of pressure coming from my stressed vertebrae as their imprint became visible on my stomach. I hobbled out of the parlor, relieved and thankful to be going back to the gym. I think that's what shocked me the most. The complete polarity in sensation during the massage. At one end "Ahhhh" at the other "AHHH JESUS".
I was chatting to a couple of other guys at the gym and they all said the same. One guys had his masseuse put her knee on the inside of his thigh then put all her weight on it, and proceeded to do this up and down his leg. He was in a total jocker. Maybe its just one lady who loves to kick the ass off of Whitey and tell them its a "Traditional" massage. Bizzarly I've since been back for another. This time just for a foot massage but it did involve the point of an elbow grinding out the knots in my back. Perhaps that's the charm of it, never really knowing what you are going to get.

Speaking of the gym. I'm getting the hang of the striking now and am moving better during the pad work. Wonderfully I no longer skip like an eight year old girl. However my feet both have two massive brown bruises from kicking. So much so I'm starting to look like a recovering stigmatic. The kick bags vary hugely in density and give. Some are soft with plenty of give, obviously being equally soft these are the ones I like. Others seem to vary between a gallon drum filled gravel to a perfectly polished cylinder of solid mahogany. The latter are frequented by some of the kids in the gym who plow their shins like baseball bats into the bags a couple of hundred times a day. After two hours I can barely lift my leg let alone lash it into a kick bag.

The Tuk Tuk drivers are a good buzz and are always willing to charge you double the regular cost for a lift. I've found my natural tightness has given me a head start on your average farang in getting a reasonable deal from these chaps. Haggling seems to be a source of amusement and good criac with the Thai's, they love it. I enjoy it to but feel a bit uncool after arguing someone down from a price and then handing them a note four times the value of the original asking price. Wonderfully I got into a tuk tuk yesterday to go the cinema and after the obligatory haggle went to get in. The then driver stopped me and asked me if I had any objections to sharing the cab with a rabbit. Honestly it was like an NLP trance inducer. I asked him to repeat himself several times. And he had actually said what I originally thought. Naturally I thought it would be delightful to share my tuk tuk with the drivers rabbit and hopped in (sorry). There was a fat white fluffy rabbit sitting down and eating some leafy greens. It had a long fine gold chain from its collar to the back of the seat lest it make the ill informed decision to bail out of the vehicle in transit.

All in all Chiang Mai is fantastic, its really chilled and the people are lovely. There's loads of bars if you want to go on the lash and their is lots of culture if that's your bag. Oh yes and its extraordinarily beautiful in parts too...

Right I got training again in hour. Catch you later's.

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