Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kawila Boxing Stadium

On Friday night my school fought at the main kickboxing stadium in Chiang Mai. It was pretty exciting stuff for the first couple of fights or so, then it kind of petered out a bit. If two fighters are well matched it can be quite repeditive. Don't get me wrong its really worth going to see. I was especially lucky as I was there as part of the school and was at ring side for most of the night.

The reason I say two well matched guys can be repeditive is that often at this level no one can get a clear advantage over the other and they can just go through the motions with neither making any headway. But when you know and train with the fighters its a different story.

Posing before the fight

One of our fighters Josh from Ireland via Canada was fighting and it turned out to be the best fight of the night and I started to see how exciting Muay Thai could be. He was fighting a Thai guy, a real mean son of bitch he was too. The second after they touched gloves BANG he shin-kicked Josh hard in the left side. For the first two rounds Josh was taking a lot of punishment and it looked to me like the Farang, yet again, was going to get a kicking. The Thai guy was overweight (I feel for you brother) and after two rounds was starting to gas. The reason he was going hell bent for leather was he knew he'd never make the five rounds so he tried to finish it in the first three.

It did finish in the third, Josh pushed him into the corner and administered a fantastic knock out elbow that got the crowd on its feet. The crack of bone on bone could be heard over the incessant drone of the Himalayan flute as the Thai fighter hit the ground.

Trainer shouting instructions

Unfortunately I was watching that fight and not filming it! So I have but one video for you of an earlier fight. Its a pretty full on knee exchange in the clinch.

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