Friday, January 23, 2009


In the hours between bouts of exercising to the point of vomiting. I've taken to hanging out around the town and have noticed some interesting things that Thai people like to do.

1) Play massive multi player online games.
And who could blame them. Seriously though the desktop on the machine I've writing from is just covered with exe files for games. The place is full of students playing shoot em ups or World of Warcraft.

2) Watch violent TV.
Don't get me wrong, whenever a gun is put to someones body its blurred out but some of the shit I've seen on TV beggars believe. There is a kind of Crimewatch show here. It has exactly the same format except it shows security footage of crimes being committed and I don't mean a bike theft or a drunken wee in a post box. This is proper horrifying, brutal crime. I watched footage centred around a woman, a security guard and a young man seemingly arguing about a moped. The guy then whips out a handgun and shoots both people dead. The gun was blurred as were the bodies and blood splattered ground. But I literally could not believe what I'd just seen.

There is also a soap centred around two divas from an Xfactor type show. The tension mounts between them and their teams until it explodes in an orgy of violence featuring hand guns, machetes, M16's etc. Its quite entertaining and I've gotten into it. It certainly beats Eastenders.

I watch all this in the roadside food court I go to for breakfast and dinner. Each cafe (there are about ten) has a TV for its patrons and everyone sits there chatting and looks up if something dramatic (see gross act of violence) happens on tv. And they love it, when someone gets shot or brutalisd in someway, its applauded with peals of laughter.
Loving the soaps

On a dramatically lighter note they have Bear Grylls show here too, but its dubbed. The best thing about the dubbing is the Thai actor also does Bear's gagging and retching as he eats a hedgehogs pancreas. Its brilliant, I was in bits laughing. I mean watching Gryll's yam down frogs sphincters is enough to give me a stitch anyways but like this its fecking priceless.

3) Dogs wearing t-shirts.
I don't know why but despite the sun beating down, not mention having a coat of fur some dogs are required to wear an old t-shirt or sweater.
Dog in a T-Shirt

4) Deep fried anything.
Whole fish, small Crabs, Chicken's feet, Crickets, weird bugs, all kinds of shizzle... if it can be eaten it'll get battered, fried and going by everything else I've eaten, probably delicious.

5) Man United.
In particular Wayne Rooney, but overall Man U have a semi religious status here. Example...
"Where you from?"
"Ahh Roy Keane!"

Everyday I go to the T loa Su Steak cafe which is one of about ten cafes in a row I mentioned earlier, and everyday the owner whose name I still have not learned teaches me some Thai and I teach him some English. Today he brought me into the kitchen which is essentially a wok over a gas ring and taught me how to make a Panang Curry which was great fun. Soon they are showing me how to make the curry pastes soon which is where the real magic is.

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