Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nha trang, Yop and war on the streets.

The notorious FTG and I bust out of Hoi An after seeing My Son and hit Nah Trang by night bus.

Amazingly I had quite a good nights sleep. FTG complained endlessly and unfortunately had his headphones pinched, personally I think he lost them.

Anyway Nha Trang is just an average beach resort with no real heart to speak of. Nowhere near as pretty as Hoi An. I was starting to get really pissed off with Vietnam and was looking forward to making an exit. But FTG stumbled upon a rose amongst the thorns, the UB 58 hotel with our lovely and completely mental host Miss Yop. She spent most of her days punching and kicking Frank and I for being cheeky obviously FTG being even more of a mouth than me got the brunt of it. My favourite moment being Yop running down the corridor to kick Frank in the shin and tell him he was dangerous. Frank being no more dangerous than the common garden vole, was delighted.

Anyway on our first night there we decided to try some buckets. The last thing I recall was buying my third. Thankfully FTG was at hand to put me back in the hotel while he went back out in the night. And it wasn't pretty, there were young westerners getting a hammering all over the street. Kids on mopeds pulling up beside them and cracking them with helmets. Frank literally had to run for his life and was pursued. Unfortunately having no idea where he was, he just ran for an age Forest Gump style trying to avoid being robbed and beaten. Thankfully he made it home in one piece but surrounded by about feral twenty locals. The brilliant people at our hotel saved the day rescuing him street low life's pursuing him. But in fairness I'm surprised if Frank doesn't get chased by irate locals wherever he goes.

So the UB58 people where awesome, essentially they adopted us (probably realizing we shouldn't be trusted with scissors never mind traveling by ourselves) While we waited for our night train we just hung with them in their living room watching telly. For some reason I was asked to chat to their daughter in Germany over Skype. I thought I was just going online and there was this Vietnamese lady waving at me.

But what a night train it was! We were first class and had the cabin to ourselves. Finally Grimshaw and Field had gotten a break. A few beers and Ritz crackers later and we woke up in Saigon.

As I write this I'm being poked and prodded and slapped on the arse by the women who work at the hotel. They are unbelievable here. It like a kind of local sport "Slap a Whitey!"

See you in Cambodia

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