Saturday, March 21, 2009

Notre Dame Saigon Photos and the Chu Chi tunnels

Well Frank's split and I've left Vietnam for Cambodia. Before I left I visited the Chu Chi tunnels which were amazing. This was the tunnels were the VC's hid from the Americans during the war. It was kind of like an amusement park whose central theme is "Do not fuck with Vietnam". The booby traps they employed were the stuff of nightmare. Clever spikes traps that stuck in the knees or the armpits, all designed to cause maximum damage.

I also shot an AK 47 which was awesome, obviously! I scored 8/10 too.

Besides that I got some pics inside the wonderful Notre Dame cathedral there which I'm delighted with. Regardé...

Queen of Ho Chi Man

Neon Virgin of Saigon

Thank You Saint Anthony

Right now I'm in Phnom Phem in Cambodia and think I'm going to hang around for two weeks here and train. There's a decent kick boxing gym here and I'll be interested to see if its much different from the Thai version. The Cambodians are fantastic and everyone I've met has been really lovely and has a great sense of humor. Even the drug dealers and pimps are a good laugh. When I explain I can't go to a lady for "Boom Boom" because I have a wife and she'll kill me (An imaginary wife is a great asset when traveling) or I can't smoke weed because I play for Man united they roar with laughter.

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