Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cambodia Part 3 - The People of Dump City

There's a project in Phnom Penh that helps feed the many families with young children in the city dump. Basically when all else fails for you this is where you and your family can end up. Amongst the rats picking through the detris and shit of the city to find anything of possible recyclable value.

About ten of us got together and donated money to the project who then took us to buy the food at the market and finally to the dump to distribute the food.

Its hard to describe the landscape of the dump but if you've ever read "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy, you'll have an idea. Its full of toxic waste and what looks like solid ground isn't. There are lethal quicksand pits of filth pocketed throughout the dump. The air is heavy with the stench of rotting material and the acrid smoke of burning rubbish.

Fires at the dump

It was a pretty special thing to be part of and I'm really glad I did it. If you ever make it to Phnom Penh I really recommend you go and help. These people have nothing and this is the only project that takes direct action in helping. They can be contacted at the Boogie and Bacall bar near the riverside.

One thing that really struck me was how lovely the kids were despite having absolutly nothing. Then you compare that to kids back home who bitch and moan if they get an Xbox360 instead of a PS3.

The gallery is here But here are my favourite pics, including the infamous motocab drivers cap and its new home.

A Blue home

The gold cap

Boy with staw in his hair

Boy from Stung Meanchey

Searching through the citys filth

Waiting for food II

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