Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A pox on thee, blasted eye of the heavens!

As I arrived in Koh Tao, I felt horrific. I felt weak and sickly. I hadn't felt well for a week or so. The constant sweating and humidity was taking its toll on me. I wanted nothing more in life than to get an Air Con room. I found one and slept for fourteen hours. I expected to be back on my feet after this Rip Van Winkle like slumber but no! The worst was yet to come. I was covered in heat rashes, I was more confused than usual and I couldn't even look at beer.

Joking aside that night I had a bad fever and suffered convulsions. It was a new low. I spoke to the medical staff at one of the island clinics and they thought I was suffering from severe Heat exhaustion and the next symptom up the convulsions I could expect was a coma.

Not being particularly happy about this and feeling quite trapped on the Island I bolted immediatly. I cancelled my diving trip and booked the first Ferry out. I got to Phuket by 10 that night and booked a flight to KL.

I was still pretty out of it on the plane and when I got to KL they were very conscious of illness due to the Swine Flu cases. No surprise that I got carted off and checked out by quarantine then!

When I finally got to KL I loved it. Feeling pretty sorry for myself I splashed out on a new lens for my Camera, a 70-300mm Sigma with a Macro feature (And some dope knock off Nike and Adidas gear). I took the lens out on the street and papped some portraits and visited the Towers and then deleted everything because I'm a spacker.

Still feeling very ill and still out of it I went to the hospital in KL. I was told to stay out of the sun completely and hearing on my travel plans the doctor told me to give India a miss as its within spitting distance of the surface of the Sun. So with little options open to me I booked my flight home.

It was disappointing, but has turned out to be the best thing I could of done. I've never been so happy to see the stone grey sky of Ireland. I got swifted over by the hospital here, tested for all manner of nasties and then the doc concuring with the clinic in Koa Toa that I had serious Heat Exhaustion and should of been on a drip.

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