Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dingle and the Great Blasket

Towards the end of the second day one of the bearings in my rear tyre went. I was left wheeling my hobbled bike in the torrential rain as night was closing in, a solid 13 miles from our hotel. I kept my spirits up by moaning constantly. Thankfully Nifty called me a taxi from the town ahead and I got a ride back to the hotel after walking a couple of miles.

The boys got in about half an hour after me and like the night before, soaked to the skin and mentally and physically exhausted. We ended up spending two days in Dingle and went to the Great Blasket, the most westerly island in Europe. And visited of my favorite buildings in Ireland the Gallarus Oratory.

Gallarus Oratory #1

I was delighted to make it out the great Blasket. Blasket is amazing and really worth getting out too. If abandoned villages draped in sad tales of lost children and families broken by the Atlantic isn't your thing you can always play with the Seals*

Deserted village on the great Blasket

*Playing with Seals may result in being horrifically wounded by Seals

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