Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kerry, cycling through Mordor

I'm just back from cycling around Kerry, which for those you not aware is home to Carrantuohill, the biggest mountain in Ireland. Totally unprepared and completely unaware of the distances I was to cycle, I set off as joyful and energetic as a spring lamb and arrived a broken, sodden, hollow shell of a man. As did my two intrepid companions Glen and Nifty

It was hardcore, I felt like part of secret mission to destroy a ring of power.

The achievement was worth it, as were the vistas of the great Kerry Landscape. We did 100 miles in two days, climbing steep mountain passes and hurtling down mossy lanes. At one stage it was so hard I actually got sick. I leaned over my handle bars and physically chundered. To those on foot and on bikes that followed our route through the Gap of Dunloe, I apologize if my 'accident' ruined the rustic pleasure of it all. To those in the dry, warm cars who occasionally passed, I hate you as much now as I did on that very day.

May I also add, never ever get a touring bike with suspension. Don't do it. Don't even think about it. The taunting squeak of that fork suspension as it lampooned me, while I scaled the heights of Dunloe will stay with me for years.

Clouds chasing Carrauntoohil

Lough Caragh

View of the Great blasket

But what beautiful landscape in Ireland would be complete without a Catholic shrine. This one even bleeds for us


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  1. What a trip it was. Some beautiful moments were captured. Just wish I had my camera handy when you yacked. Great pics!