Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Some Ireland shots

I've been quite lucky to be home in Ireland for the summer. Its the first time in about nine years that I've been here. I had forgotten what a beautiful place it is and majesty and mood of the landscape. Saying that I have been lucky it been a reasonable summer in place and not bucketed down constantly. Anyway here are some my picks.

Boat on Lough Mask

Benbulben from the passenger window

Nettle in the dying Sun

St Anthony from a bus window

Long grass at sunset

The woods

Soft light on the Nephin

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  1. Beautifully done.
    Stunning photos!

    Glad to find you photoblog!

  2. Sorry peeps! these shots are from Mayo, Wicklow and Sligo

  3. This is where I live =D

  4. nice work. very candid. i like your processing saturation and so on