Friday, July 2, 2010

My first film project 'Billy the Kid'

Billy the Kid from Darragh Mason Field on Vimeo.

Billy McGowan contracted Polio from the Polio vaccine he received as a two year old. The consequences of this 'accident' have dominated the events his life since.

He spent the majority of the 1970's in various institutions across the UK and Ireland suffering from Bipolar disorder and recovering from many operations on his affected leg. Despite the great pain he has endured one thing has consistently been by his side; Music. In his own words 'Music is a healer'. His encyclopaedic knowledge of music and his fondness for DJing have earned him the nickname 'Billy the Kid'.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Doolough, just west of Louisberg

Doolough valley near Louisberg, site of the Famine walk. The famine walk retraces 'a journey of horror' which local people made through the Doolough Valley on the night and morning of 30-31 March 1849. The immediate cause of the death march was the arrival of two 'commissioners', who were to inspect the people and certify them as paupers, so entitling them to a ration of three pounds of meal each. For some reason the inspection was not made and the hundreds of people were told they must appear at Delphi Lodge (ten miles away) at 7am the following morning. They set out on foot along the mountain road and pathway in cold, wintry conditions, including snowfall. When they arrived at Delphi Lodge, they were refused either food or tickets of admission to the workhouse and so they began their weary return journey. It was on this journey that maybe hundreds of people died.