Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Karma as a method of living

I'm not writing this article to convince anyone that Karma exists, its not really relevant to me what anyone else believes but what I am putting forward is that irrespective of your religious background, be it atheist or gnostic; adhering to a belief  in Karma is of benefit to you and those around you.

The Law of Karma has a large part to play in our understanding of our place in the world and our relationship with every human being.  All our actions, what we say, what we do, how we react have effects on the people in our sphere of influence.  It is these effects on people that create our own Karma.  Through being thoughtless, selfish or kind and loving we dictate what happens to us and how others will treat us in the future.  Think of it as an investment bank of life, you put in crap and when your investment matures, you get your crap back with interest.

There is a counter argument for particularly tragic events in peoples lives when something extremely violent and unwarranted happens.  Within eastern thought, this loosely falls under the influence of the actions of previous incarnations, which to the western mind believing this life is a one short deal is nonsense and in light of tragic events; its offensive.  That's understandable but it has to be taken into account that both stances are just ways of thinking, and if one is more helpful in gaining healing and closure than the other.  But again I'm not arguing Karma exist (for the record I think it does) I am arguing a adherence or awareness of its affects can led to a better life.

So how does belief in Karma and its effects enhance your life and those around you.
1. Recognising your Karmic debt.
First off shit happened for a reason, nothing is unwarranted.  All circumstance is a result of choices and actions, perhaps made years ago.  So think back, what did I do to warrant this? Did I do something similar to someone else?  Be honest with yourself, its important because this is the first step to recognising it and paying Karmic debt. So you've been hurt and in being hurt you've just paid your Karmic debt, which; although it might not seem like it at the time... is a good thing. 

2. Action and Non-Action
Its what happens next that is important, how you handle the hurt.   Do you lash out and attack back or indeed run and hide and think 'poor me'.  I propose neither of these things are correct.  To lash out, is to start the wheel of Karma spinning again against you.  To run and hide is not recognising your responsibility in the events that have taken place nor is it reconciling it with yourself. 

By not escalating things and paying back your attacker (eye for eye) you stop your Karmic involvement in events.  Your attacker will still have his/her debt for attacking or wronging you.  Take the action of reconciling with yourself what happened and forgiving. Its important to explain how that persons actions hurt you and in that context set a boundary with them and what behaviour will not be tolerated.  In short do not take revenge but do not running away either, voice yourself, do not carry any festering issues but leave direct action to Karma. 

If; in being faced with negativity you can maintain nobility and integrity, when your instincts might be telling you otherwise you are making the world a better place and you become an inspiration to those around you.  Even if it takes years for some people to realise.  Which segways nicely to my next point.

3. Be a light in the darkness.
Through recognising our impact on others through our behavior and the consequent return we get.  It makes sense to be good to people.  Ultimately for selfish reasons but if your going to be selfish this is probably the best way you can be so.  Because of what falls out of it.  Make certain rules for yourself.  Take time to be polite to people who have hard public facing jobs.  Say 'Thank you'.  Just as some person being an asshole can put you into a bad mood.  Being decent and polite to another can put them into a good mood.  Its viral.  And when shadows get exposed to light (your light) they get dissolved.

You can set an example, you can stop the Karmic wheel turning against you by your own actions and in doing so make life better for yourself and those around you. Its not easy, nothing of worth ever is.


  1. Nice piece man! Very well thought out and well written too.


    Good post. Mind you, beyond the personal one also has to deal with karma that was not self-generated but that affects one just the same ie. of others, of groups both small and large etc.