Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Geoff Thompson on taking the right path.

Geoff Thompson discusses morality and righteousness and the effects of taking the right path. A key element of this lecture is the information on what you expose yourself too. The scaremongering news for example gives a daily measure of things to be afraid of. Experiencing this vibration, we think about it and we radiate it and it contracts us, making us and our potential smaller. People have this affect too. We all have had people in our lives that for one reason or another have put fear into our hearts. Through friendships, relationships and our families. To develop you have to remove these people from your lives, either through ending friendships or changing the field of influence and dynamics (not by having them whacked as tempting as that may be).

Be conscious of your own words and actions and how they affect those around you. Its easy to externalise all that's wrong within. To blame others for your fears. But just like removing the external negative influences and vibrations we have to deal with our internal ones. The internal voice that devalues you, keeps you in fear, criticises you. As Thompson says, these voices or shadows need to be 'Starved'. Its a life work and one that will take people through the abyss of their hearts.

Making poor choices, ones that you know are wrong but do anyway, for gain or due to fear never works out well. We've all done it and we all eventually see the results and its never successful.

In sort, get yourself right and make your choices the right ones or to put it more sufficiently.

'Be a light in the darkness'

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Begging for treats

First shots from the Church road project I'm doing. This is the Church road Pet shop