Sunday, August 12, 2012

The shadows of the past

A photograph is a memory, a window into past moments and experiences. While a photo is a literal capture of the past, objects too can also have this quality. Both have links to memories and conjure up the shadows of the past in our internal world, chapters of our life that we have yet to close.

They are physical embodiments of what is still inside us. Bonds that tie us to the past, keep us reliving moments that are already written and cannot be undone or changed.

In magick there are simple ceremonies for cutting the ties that bind us to people and the past. It is through exorcising the connections from our past to our present that allows to end the cycles that do not assist us but continue to trap us in pain and uncertainty.

Sometimes there are unanswered questions and 'what ifs' that pervade our minds. Endless mental acrobatics and juggling of variables to a preferred outcome, a preferred reality. But the only reality is the one your in, and the truth is sometimes you lose and sometimes you win. Sometimes cherished things turn to dust in your hands.

Your life existed before and will continue after. Pride, anger and the judgement of others can anchor you to a moment, make you dwell over why things turned out the way they did. But its already happened, what was there is already gone.

Get rid of the memories, throw the old objects away, give things to charity, burn or delete the photos and close the doors of the past behind you and open the doors to your future. Exorcise the past from you. It does not serve you, it only limits your potential and skews your view of what is in front of you.

Let it go.

Let it go and let the emotions go with it.

You are no longer that person, you are something new, something better. Walk into the sun with its warmth on your face and leave the shadows behind you.

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